Month: October 2018

Daylight Raids, October 1942

Like the Le Creusot raid of 17 October, the Milan raid of 24 October was flown in daylight. It is not entirely certain on which of the two operations this photograph and three other related photographs were taken, but the fact that the aircraft were flying in formation seems to suggest that this particular one Read More

RAF Funerals

Surviving photographs of RAF funerals are very rare. Although many were taken officially during the war, so that relatives living abroad could see that their loved ones had been buried with honour, it seems that such photographs were too sad to keep. Norman McIntyre (fourth from left) with two of the men who were killed, Read More

Le Creusot Raid, 17 October 1942

The Le Creusot operation in daylight on 17 October 1942 was one of the most daring of several Bomber Command raids flown that year which were perhaps as much concerned with PR and morale as with military strategy. See: Le Creusot Raid of 17 October 1942 One of those flying on the op was Ernest Deverill, Read More

PR & Bomber Command

During the war, the exploits of Bomber Command were celebrated in all the mass media, including newspapers, newsreel, and radio. Two of the most notable operations were the Augsburg raid of April 1942 (in which Ernest Deverill flew), and the Dams Raid of May 1943, led by Guy Gibson. Some of the survivors of the Read More


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