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Crash site of Kenneth Brown crew

Following on from the interesting and detailed German eyewitness reports of The Loss of the Robertson Crew, published at the end of January 2022, we have more German eyewitness reports of another 97 Squadron crew, lost in the same month as the Robertson crew. This was the Kenneth Brown crew who were flying on the Read More

The Loss of the Robertson Crew

We have just added some interesting and unusually detailed German eyewitness reports of the loss of the Robertson crew after the Nuremburg raid of 27/28 August 1943. Lancaster JA958K crashed at Bubenreuth, near Erlangen, around 16 miles (25.5 kilometres) north of Nuremburg. Five of the crew were killed immediately, including Oliver Brock Robertson, the Canadian Read More

Air Ministry Casualty Branch, Oxford Street

The Air Ministry Casualty Branch moved to 73-77 Oxford Street in late 1942. The tall Art Deco building had been the showroom for Drage’s before the war, and it appears that some shops remained in the building even in wartime. One account speaks of the Casualty Branch as being in ‘a suite of offices above some Read More

MRES (Europe) Map

When the war ended, the RAF had 41,881 service people missing. The vast majority were from Bomber Command, lost on operations in Europe. A large proportion of the missing were thought to have been lost at sea, but about 60 per cent of the losses were estimated to be traceable on land. See Map of Read More


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