Donating Digital Material – What you need to know.

We are most grateful for all digital contributions to the Archive. The huge generosity of the friends, relatives and researchers of PFF aircrew is what has enabled the Archive to grow to its present size, comprehensiveness and historical scope.

We would like to make sure that donors know how their material will be stored and used. The following are the General Conditions which govern our acceptance of digital material. You can also download a PDF of the General Conditions – please see the foot of this page.


RAF Pathfinder Archive (RPA)

Pathfinder Office, The Pennys, Winforton, Herefordshire HR3 6EA

Schedule of General Conditions of Donations of Digital Material

  1. The RPA accepts digital records of public interest relating to the Pathfinders of the Second World War and their world, for preservation and for the benefit of education and research. These digital records may be images, or Word, PDF or Excel documents.
  2. Digital records accepted by the RPA are for permanent inclusion in the RPA’s database and catalogue. Images or documents may appear at the RPA’s sole discretion on the RPA website or in RPA publications.
  3. Records accepted by the RPA are open to study by researchers, but such researchers are not permitted to reproduce digital images or documents without prior written permission from the RPA.
  4. If permission is requested by researchers, other persons, or reputable outside bodies to reproduce, or have copies of, digital images or documents in the RPA database and/or catalogue, every effort will be made to contact the original donor for their consent, but in the event of failure because contact details are out of date, or because there is no reply within one calendar month, any further action will be at the RPA’s sole discretion.
  5. Records, if the need arises, may be converted to a newer or safer digital format, and digital images may be enhanced to make their details clearer.
  6. By emailing or writing acceptance of these conditions, you accept the RPA’s discretion in using the material in these ways.


We always acknowledge our donors, unless otherwise requested, on the RPA website, in RPA publications, and in the RPA database and catalogue. Please inform us if you wish to remain anonymous.

Please let us know any changes to your email address, which the RPA retains permanently for administrative purposes, as it is our sole point of contact with you should queries arise regarding permission to use your donated digital material.

Please retain this form for your records.