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The Danish Shoulder Flash

The Library on this website has a new article, by Mikkel Planthinn, about the Danish Shoulder Flash, worn on the RAF uniform to indicate that the wearer was from the Allied country of Denmark. Denmark was invaded by German troops on 9 April 1940 and would remain occupied until liberation on 4 May 1945, only Read More

Lancaster Gunners “Hotting Up”

This month’s feature centres on an article in The Illustrated London News on 18 December 1943. A fabulous charcoal double-page drawing accompanies the piece. The scene is a Nissen hut where the gunners are undergoing their last preparations before the take-off. Some are already fully dressed, wearing their parachute harnesses and flying helmets, and carrying their parachute Read More

RAF Wound Stripes

The wound stripe, which was an unusual emblem on RAF uniforms, was a small gold band or pair of gold bands worn on the left sleeve. The airmen who wore these stripes had recovered from serious injuries incurred during their operational duties. Read the Full Article: RAF Wound Stripes Read More

Robert Butler wins a Goldfish

The Caterpillar Club, for aircrew whose lives had been saved by a silken Irvin parachute, is well-known. Less so is the Goldfish Club, for aircrew whose lives had been saved by an emergency dinghy. Few of the aircrew who ditched in the sea survived, but one of the lucky ones was Robert Butler of the Brill crew, 97 Read More

An Aussie Navigator gets his Wings

Norman McIntyre, later of 97 Squadron, PFF, at the ceremony which marked the completion of his training as a navigator: RAAF Navigator receives his Wings Read More

The Caterpillar Club

The Caterpillar Club was open to all aircrew whose lives had been saved by a parachute made of silk. It was run by Irvin Air Chutes of Great Britain, who made the parachutes. The tiny emblems were very easily lost, but some of have been cherished over the years. One such belonged to John Arthurson Read More

The Pathfinder Eagle

In the Second World War, the Path Finder Force was the RAF’s only officially delineated elite force. As such, it had a unique emblem of an eagle badge. The badge was worn on the left-hand-side breast pocket of the RAF uniform, under any decorations … Read the full article: The Pathfinder Eagle … Read More


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