Reviewing the RPA Website

At the RAF Pathfinders Archive, we have begun a review of our entire website: 

This has been added to and expanded for many years, and is now very much in need of an overhaul.

To facilitate the clean-up, this new website has been set up which has the marginally different address of:

Whilst this is very much an ongoing project, it is probable that all the information will eventually be transferred to this site.

We are using a whole new cataloging/categories system which should make subjects and groups of subjects very much easier to find. The categories can be found in the column on the right, or after the posts if you are using a tablet or mobile. Much improved search facilities have also been installed.

All new material will be added here but for the time being posts will keep the old website very much up to date. However, if you are a follower on the old website, please do sign up here.

Categories: ARCHIVE (RPA)


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