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Brock Robertson & His Crew

Oliver Brock Robertson was an outstanding Canadian pilot who flew with 97 Squadron. He won the Distinguished Flying Cross in unusual circumstances in July 1943, just over a month before his death in action. There is an interesting family background, including his rescue by his adopted brother Donald and Teddy, the family dog, from goring Read More

Medicine in Bomber Command

A Medical Officer’s office in a Nissen hut, note the very cramped space and the stethoscope on the papers on the desk. The wartime RAF had very extensive medical services. Most were located in the hospitals and rehabilitation centres, and in the research establishments which investigated all aspects of aviation medicine, including psychology. A quick Read More

First Aid Kit for Aircrew

A vivid reminder of the terrible dangers of flying on bombing operations, where wounding from machine gun fire, flak fragments or burns from fires on board were an ever-present hazard. Crashes in Britain were also a major hazard. Aircrew were taught emergency First Aid treatment. Advice was given on the basic management of casualties, such Read More

SSQs in Wartime Nissen Huts

Photographs of RAF Station Sick Quarters (SSQs) in wartime are extremely rare. These three photographs show the characteristics of an SSQ in a Nissen hut, such as were found on bases like RAF Bourn and RAF Gransden Lodge which had been built in wartime. Above: The Red Cross symbols on the exterior of this SSQ Read More


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