RAF Bombers & Counter-Propaganda

This leaflet, dropped by the RAF, shows the joyous scenes in Sicily when the Allies liberated the island. Operation Husky began on the night of 9–10 July 1943, and ended in complete success on 17 August. Below, the scenes when the British arrive in Catania. The other side of the leaflet shows the Americans arriving in Palermo.

The text reads: So sieht die ,,Vernichtung“ des italienischen Volkes durch die siegreichen Alliierten aus. Aber der Führer lügt euch weiter vor:

Kapitulation bedeutet Vernichtung

This is what the “annihilation” of the Italian people by the victorious Allies looks like. But the Führer continues to lie to you:

Surrender means Annihilation

It is not known whether this leaflet was dropped in mainland Italy as part of the support for the subsequent invasion there in early September 1943. The leaflet was in German because it was addressed to the German troops stationed in Italy.

The Germans would mount the most ferocious defence of Italian territory once the Italian government dumped Mussolini and went over to the Allied cause.