Remembrance on Texel, Xmas Eve

Jan Nieuwenhuis sent the following message late yesterday:

“Today late this afternoon, we again placed candle lights in front of all the war graves at the Texel War Cemetery…”

With grateful thanks to Jan Nieuwenhuis and all who have helped in this year’s remembrance.

Jennie Mack Gray writes: I have always loved this simple but deeply moving ceremony of placing candles on the war graves at Texel, one of the Dutch Frisian (or Wadden) islands.

Amongst those in the Den Burg graveyard is Leslie Laver, my father’s rear gunner, only twenty years old. He died with the Stephen crew, and they are commemorated at the crash site at Fonteinsnol. The only survivors were Ridley Brown and Albert East, whose POW Christmas menus have been featured on the website this December.

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