A German Bomber Crew

Dr Olav Heinemann’s article “A Chance Encounter” contains a last section which mentions his grandfather Kurt Heinemann who was a navigator on a Luftwaffe bomber. We very much like the closing paragraph of the article:

“While it appeared to me at first that I was solving the case of a bomber which had gone missing with all its crew, it soon became clear that the fate of Lancaster LM327 had been known to British authorities since they had received the letter from the provost of St. Augustinus in 1945 or soon thereafter. Nevertheless, my research into the fate of its crew has been most rewarding – especially since I learned of the efforts of both British and German nationals to create a memorial for these men in the spirit of reconciliation between former enemies. That, I think, still is as worthy an effort today as it was back then.”

In a similar spirit of reconciliation, we have set up a page on Kurt Heinemann’s crew: A German Bomber Crew