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Both Black Thursday Booklets (10% discount)

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The night of 16/17 December 1943, afterwards known as Black Thursday, saw the worst RAF bad weather losses of the entire war. A heavy fog caused severe problems for home-coming aircraft and there were multiple fatal crashes. Amongst the dead were 50 Pathfinder aircrew.

Our two commemorative booklets focus on Ernest Deverill, one of the pilots lost that night, and the mass Pathfinder funerals at Cambridge on 22 December.

ERNEST DEVERILL - "A Knight of the Air"

One of the most tragic losses of 16/17 December 1943 was the death of Ernest Deverill and six of his crew in an accident caused by fog and the shut-down of all the engines on his Lancaster when his petrol ran out.

This is a short, lavishly illustrated biography of the outstanding pilot who won the DFM, the DFC twice, and the Air Force Cross, and who flew on both the Augsburg and Le Creusot daylight raids.

24pp, 17 colour illustrations

The Mass RAF Funerals at Cambridge, 22 December 1943

This lavishly illustrated booklet tells the story of the extraordinary mass funerals at Cambridge City Cemetery on 22 December 1943 when 20 Pathfinders, most of them Canadians and Australians, were buried in a single row. The photographs here of the Pathfinder ceremonies conjure up an unforgettable impression of that very sad day.

24pp, 25 colour illustrations.

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