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Entry/Object IDName/TitleDescription
2022.1.419156/Savage Crew: Hebblethwaite, service recordGilbert Hebblethwaite, second pilot, 156 Squadron
2022.1.487156/Taylor, Jack: Kidder, portraitGordon Kidder, navigator, 156 Squadron
2022.1.489156/Taylor, Jack: Red Cross letterJack Taylor, pilot, 156 Squadron – Red Cross letter to his mother (2 images)
2022.1.486156/Taylor, Jack: Taylor portraitJack Taylor, pilot, 156 Squadron (2 images)
2022.1.5335/Davies, navigatorCharles Ernest Davies as aircrew cadet, 1941
2021.6.697/Thackway Crew: Lawrence, relatives at funeralPhotograph taken at the mass funeral for 97 Squadron aircrew at Cambridge City Cemetery on 22 December 1943.
2022.1.12G/405: Simmons, Jack, & other ground crew (2 images)Jack Simmons and fellow ground crew
2021.500.88P/L: Bennett, pre-war, “Kings of Speed”Cigarette card of Bennett from “Kings of Speed” series
2023.132RAF 614: Scotland, “Voice from the Stars”Tom Scotland, RAAF, pilot, 614 Squadron. Memoir.
2023.1227RAF/P: “Girls – You Amaze Me!”
2023.1259RAF/P: “Souvenir of a Memorable Voyage”A joint publication by the RAF and the RAAF for a troop ship taking Australian airmen to the UK, February 1944.
2023.1319RAF/PW: Sutton, POW tagsWilf Sutton, formerly flight engineer, 35 Squadron. POW tags.
2023.1316RAF/T: “Evidence in Camera”RAF training publication, “Evidence in Camera”, booklet. (2 images)
2023.1317RAF/T: “The Patrician”, RAF training in CanadaRAF publication about RAF training in British Columbia, Canada. (3 images)
2021.17.15War Publications: “Atlantic Bridge”“Atlantic Bridge”,1945, HMSO. (3 images)

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