I am just finishing putting the finishing touches to two booklets related to Black Thursday and the night of 16/17 December 1943 when many RAF aircraft crashed due to thick fog. These are being completed on behalf of the RAF Pathfinders Archive and can be purchased on the main website: Black Thursday Booklets

The first is called “The Mass Funerals at Cambridge, 22 December 1943”, and the second is on Ernest Alfred Deverill, an all-time RAF hero of mine, who was killed in a horrific crash in the early hours of the morning of 17 December 1943.

At about the same time that Deverill’s aircraft crashed, the aircraft on which my father was the wireless operator also crashed, killing five of the crew. My father was dragged clear of the fire which engulfed the aircraft.

The booklet contains a photograph of the mass grave at Cambridge City Cemetery and the coffins of two members of my father’s crew, Sandy Grant and Tony Lawrence, who was my father’s best friend. That photograph can also be seen above.

For the full details about that night, see the main RAF Pathfinders website on Black Thursday.